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Live music show of latest work.


Nourish My Fame

-Nauta- represents a fine balance of several musical genres
including a catchy swing jazz composition whilst other songs are inspired by today’s electronic underground, trip-hop, uplifting pop and original experimental music in combination with microbeats and an orchestral undertone. 


Ritualogy introduce the sound of band and taste in cross-genre experimentations: post-industrial, surrealism, jazz, electronica, rock, metal, neofolk. Each track is carefully polished and recorded in Swarm's studio, mixed and mastered by the band itself.

Fixing Reality
Triple Sun

First release of electronic music platform Triple Sun where guitars meets the analog synthesis, psychedelic textures and psycho-acoustic sounds. Vocals of Adam Volt are supported by electronics of Dominik Novak, Ondrej Podolak and other various artists.

Triple Sun

Full length album of experimental electronic music platform Triple Sun where modular synthesis meets acoustic recordings and contemporary textural compositions.


Adam Dekan

Founder of music label Triple Sun, artists based in Slovakia working as a freelance sound-designer, musician and mix/master engineer. His first solo album released after 20 years of music study reflects his ideas on compositional techniques based on approach of modular synthesis and live recording.


Sine Ray

Sine Ray is an electronic IDM duo of Adam Dekan and Martin Madro. Their sound is characterised by complex rhythms, complex sound synthesis and overall uplifting mood. Autechre and Boards of Canada may be the closest similarities of their musical approach. 

Hidden for the Eyes

This treasure trove of neo-classical grandeur, electro-acoustic production and subtle folk undertones was eight years in the making and clearly signals the arrival of a unique and original new talent.


Krútňava means whirlpool, and that is how you are supposed to feel while listening to this album. It contains 8 colorful songs that cross genres without hesitation, but the result works surprisingly well. The mixture of electro-acoustic sounds and emotional vocals offers dreamy, sometimes gloomy moods

Black Sugar
Gladia Moony

Synth-pop alternative band consisting of a vocalist Alex Lukacova, drummer Martin Madro and Adam Volt on synths. 


Commercial filmmaking and animation.

Music and sound composed by Adam Volt

Sound-design and music composition for animated movie Mila Fog

Sound-design for National Design Awards

Sound-design for animated movie.

Sound-design for Mr.Horse Essential Sound Effects pack


Musician, sound-designer, syntesist, hedonist, explorer, researcher, teacher and student forever.

Adam "Volt" Dekan is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, performer and artist based in Vienna. He studied Applied Informatics and Sound-design on universities in Bratislava. Founder of the music projects Nourish My Fame, Triple Sun, Nuku, Gladia Moony, Sine Ray - combining elements of trip-hop, ambient, experimental music, jazz and pop culture. He has performed in several musical formations, participated in several vocal and electronic albums, in numerous film compositions, audio-visual art and theatre performances bringing unconventional approach to the design and character of sound, a distinctive concept of contemporary electronic music, experimental elements, classical music and exotic musical genres. As a solo musician, he performs under the name Adam Volt and his eclectic compositions always bring a changing and alternative view of composition and artistic performance.

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